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These hikers like the storm protection of Hennessy Hammocks.

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If there’s one thing that most campers will agree upon it’s that you can’t always predict the weather. Of course, you should always do your due diligence and check the forecast for the area where you’ll be going before you leave, but we all know that sometimes those weather reports are not current, inaccurate, or just plain wrong. That’s why no matter where you’re going, what time of year it is, or how perfect the weather is supposed to be, you should always be prepared for the unexpected. Whether you’re caught in wind, rain, or snow, you’ll want to make sure that you have the right gear and the optimal shelter to protect you from the elements.

Being caught in a storm is one way to ruin a trip — that is, if you don’t have the proper protection. Getting cold and wet is not only incredibly uncomfortable, but it can also be downright dangerous. Even on a hot summer day, a quick 15-minute downpour can make temperatures drop and cause you to catch a chill. Getting caught in a steady downpour or snowstorm can quickly change your situation from uncomfortable to life-threatening.

The best way to ensure you’re prepared and protected from whatever unexpected weather may come your way is to never venture out without the right gear. That includes the usual wind-proof/rain-proof jacket, but also having the right kind of shelter will make all the difference. So, how do you choose? How do you know which shelters are better than others?

At Hennessy Hammock, we are continuously working to improve the design of our camping hammocks to achieve the optimal balance between comfort and functionality. Our hammocks aren’t the kind you only use a few days out of the year in your backyard (although you certainly could), our camping hammocks were created for the weekend camper as well as the extreme adventurist and everything in between. The next time you’re planning to spend some time out in nature, make sure you’re protected in the event of a storm — order a Hennessy Hammock and never leave home without it!

Camping Hammock Vs. Tent

For years, campers have relied on tents to keep them protected from the elements. Now, with the popularity of camping hammocks, some people are left wondering, “Which is better during a storm — a tent or camping hammock?” While your protection will ultimately come down to the design of the shelter you choose, camping hammocks, in general, provide many benefits that a tent does not.


One of the biggest advantages of using a camping hammock is the flexibility to be able to hang it just about anywhere. Tents, on the other hand, require a level space that is free from rocks, branches, and anything else that can poke through your tent or into your back. Having a camping hammock allows you to set up your shelter at a moment’s notice (like when you hear the rumbling of thunder in the distance). All you need is a couple of sturdy trees and in just a few minutes you have instant protection that will keep you comfy and dry.

When you have more options for where you can put up your shelter, it allows you to choose areas where a tent may not be able to go. That means you can head into the thick of the forest or pick a spot behind a rock or ledge for more protection from wind and rain. With a tent, your choices are much more limited. Just keep in mind that when you’re looking for a prime location, think safety. Always try to avoid open areas, water, cliffs, dead trees, or trees that have excessive amounts of ice and snow that could fall on top of you.

Quick Set-Up

Another feature that can be very beneficial when bad weather is looming near is the ability to set up your shelter very quickly. Tents have come a long way with regard to being able to set them up quickly, however, a camping hammock can be much faster. For instance, Hennessy Hammocks can be put up in a matter of just a few minutes. Just check out this how-to video from Tom Hennessy himself.

Hennessy Hammock: Built For Safety and Comfort

Camping hammocks have become the popular choice for campers wanting an alternative to sleeping on hard, uneven ground. However, with the recent influx of hammocks on the market, it’s important to know that not all hammocks are the same. Some are comfortable but offer little to no protection from wind, rain, or insects. Others use heavy materials that can be cumbersome to carry — especially when you have to pack them up while they’re still wet. And still, others may have the protection you need, but their design makes them incredibly uncomfortable to sleep in.

At Hennessy Hammock, we’ve tried to think of everything. We’ve taken ideas from our customers as well as our own camping experiences and used them to create a hammock that’s not just better, but ideal. If you’re looking for the ultimate shelter that can provide the same comfort, night after night, as well as protection in all types of storms, a Hennessy Hammock is what you’re looking for. Here are just a few of the design features that will keep you comfortable and dry no matter what kind of weather you’re in.

Waterproof Rain Fly

Each Hennessy Hammock comes with a waterproof rainfly. Depending on the model you choose, the rainfly is either made of polyurethane-coated polyester ripstop or silicone impregnated nylon. But either way, they offer superior protection. Most hammocks don’t come with a rainfly, and if you don’t buy the right size, it won’t work as intended. Hennessy Hammocks have a patented asymmetrical design so we’ve included a matching asymmetrical rainfly to ensure your protection.

Extra Large Rain Fly

If you want even more protection, or if you’d like to have a comfortable space out of the rain to relax or eat your dinner, you can always upgrade to a bigger rainfly. Our oversized Hex rainfly is double-wide and made of PU-coated polyester. You can keep it over your hammock, or use it separately in another area by tying it to the trees or even staking to the ground.


One of the biggest headaches of weathering a storm is knowing that you’ll have to pack up your drenched, heavy gear and carry it with you. If you’ve ever had to pack up a tent that has sustained several hours of rain, then you know that there’s virtually no way to put it away without coating yourself in water and mud in the process. Fortunately, each Hennessy Hammock comes with its own set of SnakeSkins. These are like little stuff sacks for your hammock. They attach to your ropes and collapse your Hennessy in less than a minute without it ever touching the ground. Then you can simply coil up the SnakeSkins and attach them to the outside of your pack — no more heavy, wet gear in your backpack!

Water Collector/Tensioner System

Hammock enthusiasts know that to prevent rainwater from dripping down the suspension lines and soaking you inside of your hammock, you should tie a small rope or string to direct the rainwater down the rope instead of down into your hammock. Hennessy Hammock took this concept one step further. What if you could not only direct the water away from you but also collect that water into your own water bottle so you had plenty for the morning? This idea led to the creation of the HH20 AutoMagic Water Collector and Rainfly Tensioner System. This is a fancy term for a genius system that clips small funnels to the O rings on your rainfly. Each funnel has a threaded screw so you can attach a hydration bag or bottle. Not only does this system allow you to capture nature’s most precious resource, but the weight of the water bottles maintains tension on the fly, helping to keep you protected and dry.

Insulation Options

Storms often bring wind, rain, snow, or all of the above. That usually means lower temperatures and the risk of getting cold, not being able to sleep, and even frostbite. That’s why we created hammocks designed for comfort and safety. Although we have traditional single-layer hammocks, we also offer some with two layers for a little extra insulation and a place to keep your sleeping pad securely in place. Want the ultimate in temperature regulation? You can also opt for our SuperShelter 4-Season Insulation System that has been successfully tested in the Arctic by British Commandos.

Order a Hennessy For Superior Protection — Even in a Storm

If you’re looking for the ideal shelter, one that’s designed for comfort and offers protection in just about any environment, we invite you to take a look at a Hennessy Hammock. We have over 20 different models of camping hammocks and offer the ability to customize your hammock with design features and accessories to meet your needs. Start shopping for your perfect hammock by visiting our hammocks page and choose the one that’s right for you!

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