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Many Jungle Travelers Prefer Hennessy Hammocks

"Just a quick note of appreciation. I used your hammock for 3 months in typhoon conditions in the jungles of Madagascar, it surpassed far beyond what it should have. I spend 6 months of the year in extremely remote locations, where proper kit is essential for survival. Well done!"

Sincerely,  Dirk

Hennnessy Hammocks have been on the market for more than 12 years and are fast becoming the shelter of choice in the tropics. Hennessy Hammocks are getting rave reports from guides, explorers, adventurers, and jungle field workers who can instantly see the benefits these hammocks provide.  Low key colors, such as forest green, hunter green and the neutral grey / green / brown colors of these hammocks blend well into the jungle environment. When used properly, Hennessy Hammocks can provide valuable protection from tropical diseases such as malaria, dengue fever and West Nile Virus. The hammock is also very effective against leeches, fire ants, scorpions, vampire bats, centipedes and other pests. We have even received a letter from a South American Indian who says it is his favorite piece of gear.

NEW Three new Jungle Series Double Bottomed Hammocks.

Even in jungles, the nights can be cool, especially at elevation.  It's really nice to be warm in those situations without having to keep your insulation pad in the right spot as you move around during the night.  Between the two layers of bottom fabric is a space to insert your Radiant Double Bubble insulation pad. This pad clips into position on the correct diagonal and will not move around during the night. All of our Jungle Series hammocks have a full length zipper on one side between the mesh and bottom fabric. While double bottomed hammocks weigh a little more,  if you heading for really buggy areas,  It's the way to go.  

We made our first double Bottomed hammock for Ed Stafford, the first person to walk the entire length of the Amazon.  It took him over 860 days,  When he got back to England, he told the Royal Geographic Society that the HH was the most important piece of gear on his epic trek.   

How Mosquito Proof are Hennessy Hammocks?

The best way to answer this question is to read some of the letters from jungle trekkers below on this Page. 

The hang tag on all our models say that the hammock is "bug proof". This means that it is designed to keep all bugs from getting inside the hammock, including mosquitoes. This is one of the features that makes the Hennnessy Hammock so desirable to its owners: to come back to your hammock after several hours and know that there will not be any mosquitoes waiting inside to bite you while you are trying to sleep. The entrance has an overlapping velcro closure and remains tightly tensioned when the occupant is inside or holds the entrance closed when the occupant is not in the hammock.  The new zip models have a sturdy full length zipper on one side.

Keep bare skin away from netting or bottom fabric. Use multiple layers of clothing or bedding, a spray on the outside or both. For the latest information about mosquito protection, consult your Tropical Medicine Physician.

What Models are Best for Jungles?

It is common knowledge that an extremely persistent mosquito can penetrate almost any single layer of woven material, even a heavy pair of jeans, but have very little chance of biting through multiple layers of fabric. Although tropical fabrics for shirts and pants are usually more tightly woven and provide better protection than other clothing,  we recommend that hammock users take extra precautions to prevent being bitten through the hammock bottom fabric. It is always a good idea to wear clothing in the hammmock or place multiple layers of fabric, a pad, or a sleeping bag into the bottom of the hammock to make it impossible for mosquitoes to bite through. The Hennessy Hammock's patented "hold-outs" on each side keep the netting well away from your face and the high fabric sides help minimize the chance of being bitten through the netting when you are asleep. Remember also to protect yourself in camp when you are outside the hammock.

Backpacker, Hyperlite and Explorer Ultralight models   Before the Jungle models arrived, the Backpacker, Hyperlite and Explorer Ultralight models were the best choice for mosquito infested areas of the world because they feature hammock bottoms made from one layer of tightly woven, high thread count fabrics which combine durability, better mosquito-resistance, extra-comfortable softness, and perspiration-wicking properties.

Deep Jungle Asym, Deep Jungle Asym XL, Expedition Jungle Zip, Explorer Jungle Zip and Safari Jungle Zip  We have recently introduced three new models to join  the Deep Jungle Asym and the Deep Jungle Asym XL.  These models have two layers of tightly woven high tenacity nylon body fabric which makes them 100% mosquito proof..


For those who don't want to add layers of fabric for protection, the use of bug spray to the outside of the hammock bottom and netting is common practice in the tropics. The use of Permethrin spray is a standard precaution for many jungle travelers, especially the military. This is a very strong spray, not available everywhere. Both, extra layers of fabric plus your choice of spray, is the best protection.  It's also a good idea to consult a Tropical Medicine consultant in your area about the safest sprays to use.

Due Care and Attention

It is also important for owners to exercise due care and attention to regularly inspect their survival equipment for wear and tear. This would include the Velcro closures, zippers,  ropes and any holes that might develop in the netting or bottom of the hammock. 

Letters from jungle trekkers, guides and explorers

In May I spent 5 days in the Rainforest here in Trinidad ( off the coast of Venezuela ), with my wife and 6 others exploring one of the rivers that runs from the mountains to the North coast. Most of the time we were in gorges with very limited access out of there. One day we spent five and a half hours swimming, with hardly a dry break. Fortunately, when it came to setting up camp each evening, the 2 Hennessy Hammocks that me and the wife have made it real easy, as we were all pretty tired. The best part of the thing was knowing that when we tucked in, we were supremely comfortable, and slept well each night ( unlike some of the others, who had issues with tarantulas, rain, and bugs of diverse proportions).

I have since bought another Hennessy Hammock, and recommended them to several people.
They are fabulous, and I want to say thanks for making life a little sweeter.

Rory O'Connor. Trinidad, West Indies.

hammocks in the amazon"Hi Tom and all at Hennessy Hammocks
Earlier this year I went to the Amazon Rainforest with a group of friends to live with a family in the jungle. We received our Hennessy Hammocks just before leaving and had no time for testing until the first night in the jungle. Big smiles in the morning, no mosquito bites and really comfortable. The locals were amazed and bewildered by the cocoons that had appeared in their house over night. As you can see in the photos we strung them up between the rafters of the lodge and used them as chairs during the day. We also found they swung perfectly between the uprights of the upper deck of the Miron, a boat we chartered to take us up the Amazon.

Since then our hammocks have been used continuously. I run a wilderness survival skills company called Wild Life in the U.K. and have found that the lightness and durability of the hammock is a big plus when needing to carry equipment. It also gets put up in the garden on hot summer nights when it's too uncomfortable to sleep indoors.

The kids love it too. If you ever get a chance to watch two small boys playing in a Hennessy Hammock you'll laugh as much as they will. The carry bag should read, “Rated to over 200lbs and child proof!”

Thanks for an excellent product, David Goodworth, Main instructor of Wild Life

"Just a quick note of appreciation. I used your hammock for 3 months in typhoon conditions in the jungles of Madagascar, it surpassed far beyond what it should have. I spend 6 months of the year in extremely remote locations, where proper kit is essential for survival. Well done!"

Sincerely,  Dirk

I just wanted to thank you guys for how awesome your hammocks are!  I have a scout hammock, and I love the peace of mind of hammocking without worrying about mosquitoes or millipedes falling onto my face.  I bring a little tiny bubble-level with me to make sure my hammock hangs level, and I get some pretty awesome sleep.  It’s perfect for hanging out during the weekend, reading a book in the shade.  It’s perfect for sleeping at the top of a cliff band.  It’s perfect for camping at the campsite where there are no sites left!  Easier to set up than a tent, way more comfortable than rocks in the back.  Love it, love it love it.

Thanks! Kristen

Hello Tom and Ann

"This summer I bought 4 of your hammocks and traveled with my family to visit a remote Indian tribe on the upper Paraguay River in Brazil's Pantanal. Temperatures varied from chilly to hot and the insects, mosquitoes in particular, were thick.  Your hammocks were invaluable and the nights would have been miserable without them. Besides the comfort and protection, their quick and easy setup let us wait closer to dark heading up the river and find better campsites — sometimes they were few and far between.  Nice work!"

T. R.

Two letters from Peter Gorinsky, Outfitter andf Guide, of Fly Fish Costa Rica:

"Hi Tom, I am just back from a long trip to Angle Amazonas(Guyana) where I had some very important trips undertaken to some areas where the Hennessy Hammock was a real benefit. I am now interested in buying 20 for distribution in Guyana to people working in these remote jungle areas and who really were impressed with the hammock and its benefits. With malaria and dengue fever being bad now in both Guyana and Brazil ... this hammock is a necessary part of the remote area traveler's equipment." P.G
"Once again, I look forward to receiving one more hammock to add to the present equipment we use on our sportfishing expeditions in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guyana and Northern Brazil(Amazonia). During the past year we have undertaken extended trips into many remote areas of both Guyana and the Brazilian Amazon area of the upper Rio Negro. On these trips we found that the Hennessy Hammocks became part of our survival equipment and not just basic sleeping gear. Many times we had to 'camp' along the banks of rivers that offered very little dry ground or even with space for a camp.We then literally had to take to the trees and only the Hennessy hammocks effectively and comfortably protected us from the elements and gave us a good nights sleep, dry and safe...others using the traditional hammocks,were plagued by biting insects...two others became infected with malaria.The Hennessy Hammock was found to give us effective protection from both biting insects, bats and even insects that seem to invade a lot of our jungle camps or use the strung hammocks as 'bridges' between trees. Many times we also had to make camp on rocky shores and the Hennessy Hammock straps were able to be used to hang the hammocks between large rocks and off the ground after a bit of adjustment. This was a real asset on the Essequibo river in Guyana and in the Rio Pauini off the Rio Negro.

Now we are about to begin some more trips into the jungles of Guyana and Brazil ... into areas where malaria is a major problem. I feel a lot safer now with the knowledge that the Hennessy Hammocks have proven their value under many hazards and one of the greatest values is the protection offered against biting insects, that are potential vectors for many diseases. They are also very comfortable and easy to use in many difficult remote camping situations.

All the very best and thanks again.
Peter Gorinsky, Outfitter & Guide, Fly Fish Costa Rica & Amazon Fly Fishing

Dear James , Tom and friends
Just got back from Colombia. The tarps worked out great.... The Hammocks were wonderful as always, both in the jungle and Sierra as well as on paragliding outings.

Peter C.

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