New Woodland Camo Hammocks

Hex fly corner detail showing topside with rope and fittings.

Woodland camo hammocks are designed to blend seamlessly into forested environments, making them ideal for stealthy camping and survival situations. These hammocks typically feature a camouflage pattern resembling woodland foliage, allowing users to remain inconspicuous while suspended among the trees.

We're happy to announce 5 new options for stealthy and sturdy camo hammocks in our most popular styles. Our Economy models—the Expedition Zip, Explorer Deluxe Zip and Safari Zip—offer camo comfort at an affordable price.  Our two Jungle model camo hammocks - Jungle Expedition and Jungle Explorer - provide a double layered hammock body that provides enhanced protection from mosquitoes in hot climates and a pocket to store a sleeping pad for warmth on chilly nights. Best of all, we're introducing these products with a 20% discount for early adopters.

You can view the collection here.

These hammocks also come with our double sized Hex rainfly for additional weather protection and concealment as well as with the longer 72" webbing straps for extra flexibility when you pick a spot with bigger trees.

If you already have a hammock you love, you can add some Camo glamour with our double sized Hex Fly which works with every Hennessy model to provide twice the coverage and protection. The Hex Fly also serves as a great stand-alone tarp shelter to increase coverage at your campsite for meetings or parties.

Whether you’re a survivalist, hunter, or nature enthusiast, a woodland camo hammock offers another level of privacy and security in the great outdoors!

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